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Developing is my passion

Your ideas are important for me

I like know yours ideas. I would like to make your ideas come true. For that purpose I will use the most sophisticated technologies and tools in the world of web development

I'm keep learning

In a personal way I'm keep learning every day to improve my skills and keep growing as a professional. Thats because I want to give you a hight quality service. Commoly I used technologies like:

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I have been developing web apps UI interfaces with this amazing library for two years long and I can say it's an wondeful and powerful tool to develop web apps.



In the past 3 years I've used Nodejs to create REST API in a simple, powerful and faster way. Also combining Nodejs, Reactjs and Socket IO I've build real time apps with amazing results.



Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Currently I'm using this tecnology to develop microservices architectures


Mongodb ®

MongoDB is a NoSQL database system oriented to open source documents. Mongo is a new way to handle large data flows. Currenly I'm integrating mongodb on projects I support. The combination of Nodejs and Mongodb is powerful.

What can I do for you?



  • Help you in your first steps of programming
  • Help you in NodeJS or Javascript doubts
  • Explain you how create a API REST with Nodejs and express
  • Review your code to help you find bugs (If you are a newbie in Nodejs)

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$10/per hour


Basic Projects

  • Landing pages
  • Pure html, css and Javascript
  • E-commerce
  • Emails layouts
  • Ux and UI performance

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Single page applications

  • Advance complete websites or Web apps
  • Frontend and Backend development
  • Custom model business rules applied
  • Ux and UI performance
  • Hight quality development technologies

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Recomendations of my work

Ali Briceño

Excellent developer

Ricardo is an excellent developer, he has strong knowledge in NodeJS, PHP, Javascript MongoDB, SQL and others. A responsible and 100% effective person.

Enzo Garofalo

A responsible professional

A responsible and compliant professional, with extensive knowledge of their field. Very proactive and efficient.